Project News:

August 2006 through December 2008:
Our project begins as the Zabaware character engine and centers around creating a prototype for Ford Motor Company's EDAS project.

December 2010:
Our project becomes an open source GPL3 project to help spur further development of the technology.

May 2, 2011:
Researchers from Ford publish a paper on the EDAS project this technology was utilized in. Check out Emotive Driver Advisor System (EDAS) and EDAS slide show

August 22, 2011:
Our Peerbackers fund raising drive has raised $2,500 and Zabaware has secured a loan for $3,000 to allow this project to continue.

September 1, 2011:
We have purchased the Amy character(link depicts model as nude character) from Turbo Squid and have begun the process of converting it for use in our engine and working on finishing up the Windows version of our engine. Hoping for a public release of a demo with this character in December.

September 8, 2011:
We are continuing to fundraise to support further development of the engine by porting to Android, iOS, and developing an open source character. Please vote here as to what we should focus our development efforts on next.

March 1, 2012:
The Zabaware character engine is renamed the "Charimation" engine and this site is created.

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